Skinny Drops

A few years back, PSD Vault posted a very cool composition which I wanted to try to recreate somewhat. I didn’t want to completely copy it though, but I saw it as some kind of challenge to go and try something similar with splashes and color of skin and colorfree skin specks. At first, I even found and used the same stock image for the first 20 or so of these. In the end I didn’t make it “better”, I just did something different. I like it though.

Then, while working on this one, I was flooded with ideas what else you could do with the same base photo and I started creating other ones. Some are simply make up stuff, some more complex, some change the portrait completely, some are just silly, some more meaningful (to me). It’s just massive fun to me to make them, and soon I had started a series I first called „1 Portrait, 100 Ideas”. Now, as I have been back and forth with my other scapes, they have rown to be part of my scapes series’ I don’t want to stop creating, and as Face Scapes have their space amongst them.

This new Base portrait consists of photos from the Public Domain licensed sites pixabay, Pexels and Unsplash, as a mix of a base portrait, shoulders, eyes and lips from other images and adjustments I made to headshape, faces details and such to be the perfect basis for my needs.

The Stock Portrait I originally used is by Blair-W.

Skinny Drops old version
The Original I created first