Honestly, at this point I am not certain yet as to how to set this up.

Originally, the idea was to create Cityscapes, and display every city I would see trough my lense, as opposed to photographing famous landmarks and nature, but the basic idea proved too much of a hassle and counterproductive to the way I travel.

I am more of a traveler than a tourist, which also means never to know where I will be when, for how long or if I will capture anything at all. Wandering a city for cityscapes turns into a chore with requirements counterproductive to exploring countries, cultures and life as a traveler.

So I think in the future I will not write so much about single cities but rather keep the travel section here as sort of a log for the most important images, various areas, experiences, thoughts, maybe people I met? If, at all.

And instead of Cityscapes, I am creating artworks consisting of elements I gathered through my journey, and it will show what, for example, Italy felt like to me. Photos combined with whatever else comes to mind, integrating specifics I have been capturing for years on other sites, like locks, metal objects, the Lost and Found series..

It will not be about documentary pictures of the country’s sights. It will be showing the places, through the eyes of an outsider, filtered through the lense of who I am. Both travel art and self portraits of sorts.
I don’t know.. I haven’t figured it all out yet either – Maybe just check back and we’ll discover it together?