Bellpuig was the place I went first, to meet friends, and stayed for a while to get my laptop fixed.
It’s also where I went and stayed after someone broke into my car in Altafulla and stole my backpack with said laptop, my handbag with purse with all cards, passports, a camera clip to fix it to my belt and a bit of cash. After filing a report with the policia nacional in Tarragona I went back to Bellpuig, ordered new bank card and took some time to set myself up new. Then, while still waiting for the bank card to arrive, Covid 19 hit, and Spain went into full lockdown, which had me basically hide out in my car on a parking lot, only leaving it once a week to refill gas and buy groceries, for weeks, before heading to Barcelona to get a emporary passport so I could cross borders and go back to Germany.

Sadly, because of this I never made it further south, as this way, a planned couple day stay turned into most of the time I spent in Spain. I definitely plan to go back, though. There is still so much more to see πŸ™‚