Another day of rest

I am still standing on this lot I only wanted to spend a night at two nights ago, but then I met other travelers and had two interesting days of conversations.

Now, I wanted to drive on today, but I got only 2 hours of sleep last night so I think I want some more rest before I drive on. I despise driving tired. It never ends well.

Otherwise there are some hhost towns I might check out on the go 🙂 Did some laundry by hand last night as well, some is still drying. Works pretty well! I might still need a laundromat in another week or two, but for now I’m good. The place is quiet though I havd people in a little bus next to me and they went in and out of their car at night, as they don’t have a wc like we camper vans do, and because yesterday I learned of a couple who parked in Milano a week ago and went to look at the city just to find their car had been stolen upon return, I was very insecure and nervous and their movements had me super alert. I am also parking below a tree so the leaves and fruits falling onto my roof had me nervous on top.

I really do get scared. I am alone and there are so many risks and things to be weary of. But I don’t want to let that stop me, now that I feel finally ready to really enjoy traveling, adventuring and discovering. I want to be courageous and free not because nothing happens, but even if it does.

So, there’s a culinary supermarket I saw yesterday in the City that I think I want to check out today, and then see. Also, this way I can let my laundry dry fully. So, lets have another day of rest, then see where the wind takes me 🙂