There was this video game, about 1998, which contained still one of the best riddles in any game I ever came across, in my opinion, called “Le Serpent Rouge”, which took place in Rennes-le-Château and as well Rennes, as the places in the area such as Quiza, Coustaussa, Chateau la Serre, Rennes le Baines.. were part of it.
The whole geography and map was integrated and, admittedly extraordinary elements of the town, such as the incredibly colorful Church of Maria Magdalena with the Demon Asmodeus greeting you at the entrance were complimented for their accurate depiction.

Ever since, I wanted to go and see them in person.

Sadly, the whole place was being renovated and neither the church, nor la Tour Magdala I could see from inside. It was still such an amazing feeling, after all those years, to go there and stand next to the tower.

Maybe I can go again one day, when it’s finished and ready to be entered. Maye I can travel with someone whose French isn’t as rudimentary as mine, this time?