On August 16th, I was in Rezzato. Actually, I was on my way to a bigger place near Verona, but the mountain looked so neat from afar, I decided to drive there instead and see if I could get a better image.

Once there, I took a walk and even found a toy for my Lost & Found type of photos. The mountain was so clear and crisp at fist, and the village is beautiful. But then, within minutes, the sky turned basically black and the later, stormy images of this gallery happened within maybe 15 minutes of being there. I couldn’t help but laugh while rushing to the car. It was frightening, though. The wind blew pretty heavy things around and I was glad to get to the car before i turned really bad. Still glad to have witnessed it, though. I’m glad I drove there. The spontaneous things still turn out to often really be worth it.

I am typing this in November, as I only now am sorting through all my photos. I am not certain yet as to how to set this up, and will in the future maybe not write so much about single cities but rather as sort of a travel log the images of the week, various areas, experiences, thoughts, maybe people I met? As the art is not going to be Cityscapes about specific cities anymore, but various artworks consisting of elements I gathered through all of the country, and it will show what Italy felt like to me. My impressions of the surroundings, but also things that impacted me, on other levels, too. It will not be about documentary pictures of the country’s sights. I don’t know.. I haven’t figured it all out yet either – Maybe just check back and we’ll discover it together?