Santa Coloma de Queralt

Driving into Spain through Andorra, I stayed at a small spot right after I exited Andorra, for one night. But I needed to shop, needed electricity and water, so I drove towards the area where I was supposed to meet a friend, and stayed in Santa Coloma de Queralt for another night. It’s a nice place, really. Directly beside the RV spot, there’s a place where people play tennis, and I think soccer etc., so it’s not exactly quiet. But that’s not tha big an issue, really. It was nice to stay.

I realize, I’m still very insecure and struggle to feel safe in the car, so noises often make me a bit shaky and unsettled. But at some point I will likely get used to it. Or it’ll always be a bit of a downer, but that’s ok. It’s supposed to be an adventure and a bit of stress is part of that, isn’t it 😉