What’s this site about?

So, the plan is to travel and to stay at random cities I happen to love.

Once I have found a place, I shall take my camera (which I happen to call Ophelia because she’s my friend) around the place. I plan to take walks, meet the city, meet its surroundings, architecture, stores, places. I will test restaurants and the local food, and I will try getting recipes from the areas. I want to meet people, interview them as well, maybe, and find all the details of a place that speak to me.

And those, I will combine, one at a time, to a vast dreamscape. A collage of sorts, if you will, made up of photographs of single objects, buildings and people, drawings I make of a city or typographic excourses I stumble across. And for each of those elements, there will be an article in the category of the according city, showing the element and tell the story of what I like about it or what made me choose it as an element for the dreamscape.

I will also set up a Patreon account, and in the long run, I want to give you guys the opportunity to support me and thereby get to meet me, get to be my guide and thereby determine parts of what will go into the image, or even to have me check out and portray your city next?

And who’s „Lily Lensecape“?

So, really my name is Alexandra, or Alex, Alexa, Lexy, Lex, Xela, Lexa, Alexandrina, Aridnaxela, Juniper, CarniBore or Ms. Bojangles, depending on whom of my friends or gaming accounts you consult.

I’m older than I look (as I’ve beeen told), am a mother of one by now adult „Rory“ to my „Lorelai“, and I do creative stuffs in my free and not-so-free time.

I’ve always liked to move, be it by foot, in a car, on a train, plane, to see the world go by outside your window, or actually packing up my stuff and move to a new apartment, street, city, state… country? See more, learn more, explore more.

After a year in a new city I settle in, after 2 years I get bored, after 3 I start to feel trapped. So it always felt sensical to next up either get a house that moves with me or.. maybe get rich so I can move from hotel to hotel without ever thinking about it again. Well, the latter won’t do, butfor now getting a caravan to live in seems like the next best thing. Has its downsides, but I’m guessing figuring those out is part of the deal, and I’m sure I’ll write about that too. So, read you then 🙂

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